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  • Musical "CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion"

  • closing day ticket 
    October 1st, 05:00 PM (JST)
    Streaming Ticket: 4,400 yen (including tax)
  • closing day ticket with Cast Bonus Footage】
    October 1st, 05:00 PM (JST)
    Streaming Ticket with Cast Bonus Footage: 6,600 yen (including tax) 
    ※An additional system usage fee will be added to the ticket price.

    Advance Sale Bonus

    For everyone who makes a purchase by September 19th (Tuesday), 11:59 PM, a digital bromide card will be provided as a gift.


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    ※A digital bromide card will be sent after the pre-sale period ends.
    The digital bromide card will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you purchased your ticket. Please be careful not to make a mistake.
    ※ Please note that digital bromide card will be not issued to those who purchased outside this period. If you wish to receive the bonus, please make your purchase with sufficient time in advance.
    ※Design is subject to change.
  • Distribution Overview

    Streaming Schedule

    October 1, 2023 (Sunday) 5:00 PM (JST)


    ※Information about the viewing page will be available 30 minutes before each performance.

    ※The start time of the performance may be subject to change.



    ■Streaming Tickets

    ・October 1st, 05:00 PM Performance Streaming Ticket: 4,400 yen (including tax)
    ・October 1st, 05:00 PM Performances with Cast Bonus Footage: 6,600 yen (including tax)

    ※An additional system usage fee will be charged on top of the ticket price.


    ■ ticket sales 

    From: September 4, 2023 (Friday) 6:00 PM (JST)

    To: October 10, 2023 (Tuesday) 10:00 PM (JST)


    ■Cast Members

    【Suzaku Kururugi】Ryotaro Akazawa

    【Lelouch Lamperouge】Koji Kominami

    【Jeremiah Gottwald】Keisuke Kaminaga

    【Cornelia li Britannia】Chihiro Saito
    【Gilbert G.P. Guilford】Kosei Tsubokura

    【Clovis la Britannia】 Hayata Seki


    【Lloyd Asplund】Kazuma Yasui

    Cécile Croomy】 Ayano Hamaura

    【Kallen Stadtfeld】Yu Saotome
    Kaname Ohgi】Yuta Iiyama

    Kyoshiro Tohdoh】Shuya Sunagawa

    【Shirley Fenette】Rimo Hasegawa
    【Euphemia li Britannia】Ayana Kinoshita

    【C.C.】 Rina Koyama



    Cast members are subject to change.


    ■Streaming Platform

    Mix Channel


    ■ Special Feature Details


    - Cast Bonus Footage -


    Special meeting video with Cast members 


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    - Cast -

    Ryotaro Akazawa / Koji Kominami / Keisuke Kaminaga/ Kazuma Yasui / Shuya Sunagawa


    Cast members are subject to change. 


    Get a glimpse into the joys, sorrows, anger, and laughter of the cast members, along with exclusive episode discussions among the cast that you can only hear here! This bonus provides enjoyable footage that includes behind-the-scenes anecdotes and exciting variety segments.


    Please note:

    - Archive viewing period for the bonus footage is from October 12th, 12:00 PM (JST), to October 31st, 11:59 PM (JST).

    - ticket sales for the bonus footage is from September 4th, 6:00 PM (JST), to October 12th, 10:00 PM (JST).

    - The bonus footage will not be available for purchase separately.

    - The cast members and content are subject to change.

  • Archive Viewing Period

    【closing day Performance archive viewing Period】

    From October 2nd, 2023 (Monday), 12:00 PM (JST), to October 10th, 2023 (Friday) 11:59 PM (JST)


    【Bonus Footage archive viewing Period】
    From October 2nd, 2023 (Monday), 12:00 PM (JST), to October 31th, 2023(Friday) 11:59 PM (JST)
  • Archive and Bonus Footage Viewing Instructions

    【PC Version】 Instructions for Viewing Archives and Bonus Footage

  • Please note the following regarding archive viewing

    ※There will be no archive (catch-up) streaming available after the mentioned times.

    ※Archives will be available for streaming from 3 hours after the end of each respective performance.

    ※Archive start times may be subject to delay based on the situation.


    【Mobile App Version】 Instructions for Viewing Archives

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    ① Please make sure you have the latest version of the "MixChannel" app.

    ② Log in with the "MixChannel" account used to watch the performance.

    ③ On the app's top page, tap the "Official Programs" tab.
    ④ Tap the thumbnail for this event.
    (If the thumbnail doesn't appear, please update the app.)

  • For those who have purchased through the ticket Lawson Ticket

    For those who have purchased tickets through platforms like Lawson Ticket, and Rakuten Ticket, please note that you need to complete the input of your ticket issuance code before viewing the performance.

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    ※ After entering the "ticket issuance code," you will receive a "Notice of Mix Channel Live Viewing Purchase Completion" from Mix channel

    .※ This is a notification that your preparation for viewing is complete, and there will not be a double charge for the amount from MikuCha.

  • Here is the flow to watch the performance

    ① Create an account on Mix Channel.

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    ② Purchase the tickets.

    Please purchase the tickets either from this website's "Ticket Purchase" section or through Mix channel.


    ③ Watch the performance.

    Once the streaming time arrives, you can watch the performance through the Mix channel app version or the PC version.

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  • Recommended Viewing Environment

    - Smartphone and Tablet

    - iOS 11.0 or later (Latest version of Safari)

    - iPadOS 13 (Latest version of Safari)

    - Android OS 5.0 or later (Latest version of Google Chrome)

    - Personal Computer

    - Windows 8.1 (Latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox) or Windows 10 (Latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox)

    - MacOS 10.9 or above (Latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox)

    * Please ensure that you have one of these options available for viewing.


    - Communication Network

    * Please use Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G connections (excluding carrier-imposed limitations) and ensure a network speed of 20 Mbps or higher for optimal viewing.

    * For viewing on smartphones, we recommend using the app version to deliver high-quality audio and video.

    * The app version allows you to hide on-screen comments. To switch to Off Mode, swipe right for iOS users or tap for Android users while on the viewing screen.

    * If you haven't installed the app, please install it in advance using the following URL:

    (App Installation URL)



    [Notes on the Streaming Performance]

    * Please confirm that you have a suitable internet environment and recommended settings for streaming live broadcasts.

    * Internet connection or system issues may result in distorted video and audio, temporary interruptions, or premature ending of the performance.

    * The organizers cannot be held responsible for problems related to your internet and viewing environment.

    * The organizers hold the rights to this broadcast. Unauthorized recording, filming, or audio recording using cameras, smartphones, etc., is strictly prohibited. Additionally, sharing or reposting on video-sharing sites without permission may lead to legal consequences.

    * Commercial use of the streaming video is prohibited. This includes playing the streaming video in establishments such as restaurants or public halls and charging the audience.

    * As a precaution against COVID-19, we kindly ask for your cooperation in refraining from group viewings with a large number of people.